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Ideas for the girlfriend…

7 Oct

Girly editor knows that you girls are all busy, so we have come out with some ideas that are less time consuming so that it will not be a hassle to prepare.

There are simple things we can do:

1. Plan for a short get away

Bali – Private Villa

Well, if you have more time you might consider a 2-3days short get away either in nearby countries. This is suitable for couples who stay with their family members, and would like to have a total privacy time with their partners. Places like Batam, Bali or even Pot Dickson and Cameron Highlands in Malaysia are great places for some fresh air and natural scenery. If you are there with an objective to spend some quality time with your partner, bear in mind not to join any day tour or pack your itinerary with the places of interest. Let every activity be impromptu so that you will not feel the time constrain for every activity.

Cameron Highlands Tea Plantation

Famous resort in Batam – 1hr ferry ride from Singapore


2. Whipping up a simple meal, breakfast in bed

Who says that we can only laze on the bed of villas and resort? When is the last time you appreciate your own home décor? If you think that you can’t stand staying at home, its time to reflect and start cleaning up. Because home is suppose to be some place you really look forward to after a long day of work and it’s the most convenient and cost effect place for whipping up a meal. A meal does not have to be as complicated as a 5 course meal. A simple breakfast can be food like waffles, sandwiches, eggs and sausages. Couple can spend more time snuggling in bed and feeding each other.

3. Simple picnic, sunset or sunrise view

Do you agree that the simplest thing in life can be the best thing in life? Sometimes all we want is a time when we can really keep our minds clear and spend your time doing nothing at all! If you think that every outing must have the purpose, you will realize that you are more wear out after the break. An outing with your partner can be simple yet lovely. The love birds can just lie around on a mat or in a tent munching on your favorite chips and soft drinks, reading the story book or magazine you always wanted to read but you never had the time or do wonders on your ipad but not for work purpose.

Picnic places in Singapore: Marina Barrage, East Coast Park, Botanical Gardens and all major parks.

Hmm…how do you think about these ideas?

Shall we do something other than beauty tips next week?

Girly editor heard your groaning stomachs; we shall go for a chicken rice feast next week! Stay tune for places you can go for Singapore’s Signature food!