Girly Lash Post 3

30 Sep

Hi Girls, if you are trying our eyelash extensions, take note of these…

 Important Facts of Eyelash Extensions

  1. Lashes need to be straight for a successful fake eyelash application. Do not perm eyelashes prior to fake eyelashes procedure; curly lashes are difficult to perfect bonding.
  1. Mascara on eyelashes should be completely removed before eyelash extensions are applied.
  1. Proper bonding is the secret to successful fake eyelashes extensions.
  1. Use the eyelash comb to smooth eyelashes after the application is complete to make sure that no lashes are sticking together. Examine all fake eyelashes to make sure bonding is secure.

 Girly: If it’s not, look for your beautician for amendments.

  1. After care; 2 hrs after eyelashes extension treatment – Do not allow water to contact lashes. 2 days after eyelashes extension – Do not steam face, use steam bath, swim or wash face with hot water. Do not use mascara on fake eyelashes, as make-up remover will affect the bonding of fake eyelashes. Do not perm fake eyelashes. Do not use a lash curler, as it will break both fake eyelashes and natural lashes. Do not rub eyes or fake eyelashes when washing face. Always pat dry lashes after cleansing.
  1. Maintenance: The lash life cycle is about 100 days. Fake eyelashes may fall off due to the natural lashes life cycle or because of poor technique or negligent care .  Retouch every 3 to 4 weeks is recommended to maintain best look.

 Girly’s Verdict: On the average, eye lash extensions will usually stay in good condition for up to 2 to 3 week if given proper care. If you really can’t commit a free time once a month, girly editor would suggest not to go for eye lash extension. When the fake lashes start to loosen, it can be quite prickly to the eye and you will have “bald spot” on the thick lash which will make you look kinda funny. Another reason would be the trouble to remove your make up stucked in between the lashes.

But if you really want to try it out, Girly editor would suggest you go for saloon which are more reputable and mostly importantly convenient for you to go for frequent touch up!

Alright, if you think you want an ultimate solution once and for all, what Girly editor would recommend is…

 Eyelash Transplant Surgery 


Eyelash transplant surgery can be considered by those who have lost eyelashes through trauma, injury or environmental reasons such as chemotherapy which has permanently damaged hair follicles. Some patients seek eyelash implants because they have damaged their own eyelashes through the use of artificial products and “follicle abuse” such as the use of harsh glues which pull eyelashes out upon removal. Other patients may seek eye lash implants because they have lost eyelashes due to natural processes of aging or even because they were born without a full lush eye lash set.

How is Eyelash Surgery Performed?

Eye lash transplants are similar to hair transplant surgery. Living hair follicles will be taken from a donor site and implanted on the lid of the eyes where eyelashes are sparse or missing. Hair follicles are harvested from the back of the head under local anesthesia. A numbing agent will be injected into the scalp and 100 or so donor hair follicles will be carefully removed and preserved for eyelash replacement.

The hair follicles will be prepared under a microscope to ensure that each follicle is intact and ready for transplant. The eyelid prepared to receive eye lash transplants will also be numbed with a small amount of injectable anesthetic. The prepared follicles will then be carefully transplanted to the areas of the eyelid needing extra lashes, to ensure minimal discomfort and ensure specific placement. After a period of healing, the eye lash transplants will then begin growing normally.

What Kind of Results to be expected from Eyelash Transplant Surgery?

Swelling is experienced by most people. In fact, many patients are able to return to normal activities and may even go back to work the next day. In some cases, the newly implanted eyelash transplants will shed immediately and new growth will not be completely apparent for several weeks.

This is because the new follicles will undergo a “resting” period before experiencing a “growth” period resulting in new, natural lashes. On the other hand, some patients notice and immediate improvement and the new eye lash implants will start growing right away. Either case is completely normal and simply dependent upon the patient but eyelash transplants are considered to be a permanent solution for sparse or thin eyelashes.

A doctor threads an eyelash transplant into woman's eyelid at a surgery in Los Angeles

Looks pretty scary right?

Girly’s Verdict:  As much as we want permanent long lashes, the thought of going through a surgery is scary enough. Most would usually be most concern about the risk no matter how big or small sale the surgery is. Another consideration would be the cost and recuperation period.

Hmm… So what do you girls think? Will eyelash transplant surgery be on your wish list??

Thanks for staying with us! See you next week as Girly editor will give you more tips on how to be a better girlfriend!



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